taxationHow much does government cost us?  And what will be do about the staggering OMERS “contingent liability”.  This is the organization which we as taxpayers are liable for which holds the accumulated debt for sick leave and pensions for retirement.   This growing debt is in the billions!

The demographic shift means that just under half of our municipal/regional employees are of retirement age and many of them are holding vacations and banked sick days to retire early.  This adds to the existing financial pressure on the OMERS funds.

I am very concerned that our region has doubled its debt since 2009!  This is before the major costs of LRT.  At a whopping $428 million dollars we have reason to be concerned and demand stronger accountability to regional spending.Galt 2 copy

Let’s use our resources wisely and let the province and region know how it can work better with us.  Let municipalities actually govern the services we are responsible for because Cambridge Counts!