Jobs and Economic Development

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A global economy and slow recessionary recovery bring to light the reality of competition. Like our neighbours Toronto to the east and London to the west, Cambridge is competing for the attention of businesses and entrepreneurs to start new companies, innovate, and bring prosperity through jobs to our community.

Although we are uniquely positioned to develop talented individuals with our top-notch post-secondary institutions, we must be proactive and never let down our guard. There can be no sitting on our laurels. Our region must look for new and creative ways of developing and exploiting attractive capital assets that are future focussed, while supporting businesses that that are tried, tested and true to our community.

ctt gangThe loss of Maple Leaf Foods and jobs associated with that loss remind us that we can lose solid companies and positions if we don’t show them the support and collaboration that is afforded to new or start-up businesses.

I will bring thoughtful and creative ideas to encourage job creation in our community by supporting new and existing businesses that employ Cambridge citizens. My leadership experiences at Canada’s Technology Triangle and Conestoga College provide me with strong insight and passion for a prosperous, healthy community.

The collaborative relationships between business, education and government have been the backbone of our success. Business needs to have a strong voice in Economic Development, Foreign/Two-way Direct Investment, Tourism, Arts and Culture. These are the interactive components that attract people to and keep them in our community, not just working, but living, playing and raising families.

helen picture 3Our responsibility is to engage and invite investors to consider our Region. Once we have attracted that interest, we must respond with readily available resources such as talented employees and land — while still supporting our valued existing companies.

As a Human Resources Professional, my commitment to jobs in our community has resonated through my life’s work. I believe it will help propel Cambridge going forward because Cambridge Counts!