About Helen Jowett

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I am excited to be running to represent you on Regional Council. Cambridge and its citizens mean a great deal to me.

I am passionate about our community and our region. I am experienced on boards and task forces, and look forward to representing individuals and businesses in the myriad of issues that affect us, from taxes to education and attracting new business growth.

me and ashI was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and immigrated to Cambridge with my family in the fall of 1964. My parents worked very hard to build a life here for us. I live, work, play and have raised my own family here with my husband of over 30 years, Marc.

He and I are proud of not only our amazing adult daughters, Ashlee and Danielle, but also our wonderful grandsons, Caleb, 5, and Eli, 3. We want all of them to live in a prosperous community.

In 1994, I started my consulting business. I have survived three economic cycles. Those have made me acutely aware of the importance of a strong, healthy community. My role contributing my Human Resources expertise to many boards stems from my passion for job creation. Leading those boards gave me the opportunity to hone my facilitation skills and confidently articulate, manage, govern and lead in many sectors, including Education, Economics, Business, and Government.pic with uel mcfel camb chamber award

I have been engaged in many high-level discussions about community matters such as health care, infrastructure, tourism, re-structuring and attracting businesses to our city. I care about and understand many other needs in our community from people who are struggling. Social agencies are critical to a fair and vibrant community. Taking care of our neighbour is innately how most of us think; I have found that harnessing that desire is contagious. (As Chair of the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation, I played a vocal role, along with many community leaders, advocating on behalf of our community for a well-deserved expansion that we will realize very soon.)

Please join me and my family on October 27, as we vote for the next representatives who will shape our future, our children’s future and our grandchildren’s future. They deserve — we all deserve — a strong voice at the Regional Council table.

Cambridge Counts!

Helen Jowett